Top 10 tips for a great dining experience with your kids

Families are a huge part of the Club.  We strive to ensure everyone’s needs are met in our restaurants, from young babies and toddlers right through to mums and dads.

We’ve got three restaurants on offer -, Ginseng with innovative Chinese food, the Bistro featuring steak and fresh seafood, and the Cafe with sandwiches, light snacks and cakes. Plus a new Greek restaurant coming soon.

We’re family people ourselves, and we understand that heading out for meals with kids can sometimes be tricky. So we enlisted the help of Threesides Marketing who asked a group of mums from an online forum of over 5000 mummies to share their best tips for keeping young children happy over a restaurant meal.

Here’s a roundup of their best tips:

  1. Go child friendly – Choose restaurants that cater to children and welcome them any time. And we do!
  2. Engage them – keep the conversation flowing, let the kids enjoy observing, chat over your meal and enjoy the bustling, busy atmosphere of our restaurants.
  3. The early bird – go early! The kids are less likely to be overtired. Less people in the restaurants earlier also minimises wait times.
  4. Get creative – bring colouring pencils, books, paper, crayons, stickers, card games, small toys or whatever creative stuff you have at home to help keep your littlies entertained.
  5. Sit comfortably – you’ll have comfy seating so ensure the kids do too. Make sure you grab one of our quality supplied high chairs – decent ones can make or break a meal!
  6. Get techy – some mixed views from mums on this one, but ultimately portable DVD players, Ipads and Iphones do have their place occasionally for entertaining kids while you enjoy some adult talk over your meal.
  7. Play time! – use the play areas on offer, kids love them. We’ve got the Play World children’s room for their enjoyment with a jungle themed climbing playground, ball pit, soft flooring, xBox 360 and Play Station games.
  8. Prioritise the food – check the menu prior to going so you can order straight away and minimise waiting times. If your kids are young, you might like to bring along snacks that last like rusks, apple and carrot sticks and sultanas.
  9. Bribery – what kid doesn’t respond well to a little bribery with desserts?
  10. Leave them at Grandmas – we’re kidding! It’s great to expose little ones to restaurants as much as possible. It encourages social behaviour, gets the kids trying new food and lets you enjoy some quality family time.

We hope you find these tips useful and would love to see you and your family at one of the Hellenic Club’s four restaurants soon.

We get it… Kids can be messy!