8 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Sports

Sports addiction – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you’re on the field or faithfully observing week in week out, sports addiction comes in many shapes and forms.

If you or someone you know exhibits any of the traits listed below, chances are you have a sports addict on your hands:

  1. More than one electronic device has been damaged or broken in the course of a particularly intense match. Your couch has indentations from gripping too tightly in the final minutes of a match. Ominous scratches line the wall.
  2. Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring are not the type of seasons you’re interested in. NRL, AFL, A-League, Golf, Tennis, Cricket… These are the seasons that determine how much time you spend outside and how much time you’re glued to the TV.
  3. Days, months and years are no measure of time. Time is dictated by its relative closeness to finals season.
  4. A team’s loss can results in the grumps for an unreasonable amount of time. And a win over your mates team justifies a smug smile for more than week.
  5. Attending matches and paid-television subscriptions are making a mark on your bank account.
  6. You own every conceivable item of merchandise for your team. In fact, your collection is so large it would be able to rival even the biggest teenage girl One Direction fanatic.
  7. Should someone dare to host a wedding, christening or other important life event during finals season, your finger will firmly be poised over the refresh button on your smartphone, updating the scores.
  8. The phrase “It’s just a game” holds no place in your vocabulary. It’s much, much, MUCH more.

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