Blokes – are you searching for your ideal Man Cave?

Ah the Man Cave. Every man’s dream. Every man wants one. And every man who has one is the envy of all his mates.

According to the ever trusty people at Wikipedia, A ‘Man Cave’, or ‘Manspace’, is a male sanctuary – often a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den or basement. It’s a room inside your house where guys can ‘do as they please’ without fear of upsetting any females about house decor or design.

So we got to thinking about man caves and what men are looking for in where to spend their down time. Our friends at Threesides Marketing asked a group of men of varying ages what they’re looking for in the ideal man cave.  And it seems they want quite a bit.

Common responses were flat screen TVs, a bar, beer on tap, pool tables, dart boards, pin ball machines, billiard tables, sports on the TV ALL the time, sports memorabilia, music memorabilia, comfy chairs, Fox Sports (yes more sports), a great stereo and sound system, a TAB and a jukebox.

And so what’s the reason they want such a man cave? The most common response was to watch sport with their mates – sorry ladies but also without women and children. Most of the men surveyed said it’s about wanting time out, time with mates, and being able to relax in a space suited to them without fear of waking children or being interrupted from the game. Yep, as Wikipedia says, a sanctuary.

Sadly, the man cave dream is unattainable for most. Spare space at home, competing expenses, lack of funds in general and of course the children being the main priority sees many men go without their ideal man cave. Oh how sad for them!

But fear not, we’ve got you covered men. The Hellenic Club offers everything you’re looking for, all in the one place and without the expense or disruptions at home.

You want sports? For your much desired sports fix our Sports Bar and TAB is for you. Four large plasma TVs feature every code of footy, horse racing, cricket, golf… you name your sport. Fox Sports around the clock just how you like it. We’ve got ACTTAB, Sportsbet, Giddy Up Form Service and more – AND an outdoor area for a quite drink with your mates.

Your beer is definitely covered at the club. Cold. On tap. We’ve got the largest beer font in Canberra, and 20 different tap beers so there’s bound to be one or more you can enjoy with your mates. And if you like it outdoors, our Beer Garden is a great place to relax outdoors with a beer.

Plenty of free live entertainment has your music sorted with live bands on Friday and Saturday nights – the perfect place to meet your mates for a weekend chill out, or time out from the ladies and kids.

So think of us as your own personal man cave that you can call on when the feeling strikes. And our man cave won’t see you needing to renovate!

We hope to see you and your mates at the Hellenic Club soon. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook. It’s also a great way for you and your friends to keep up to date with what’s coming up at the Club