Celebrate being a kid at the Family Club

Ah to be a kid again – when your responsibilities were few, your days too long to possibly fill and your weekly chore allowance was more money than you knew how to spend. At the Hellenic Club, we want to help your little ones make the most of their childhood – while maybe being a little bit jealous of it again.

From trips to the dentist through to bath time, here’s some things we miss about being a kid.

  1. Praise: The smallest achievement was appropriate for applause. Gone are the days of receiving commendations for making your bed or brushing your teeth. Bring back star charts on the fridge we say.
  2. Bath time: The splishing, the splashing; the ability to make a tidal wave by rocking back and forth; planning deep sea rescues with the aid of waterproof toys – bath time was FUN… (As long as you jumped out before the drain monster begun to gurgle at the end!)
  3. Friends: Children have the remarkable ability to make friends without bias or prejudice. If you spotted a child of a similar age across the playground, within minutes you’d be sworn Best Friends For Life.
  4. Dentist: Remember how fun trips to the dentist used to be? A free cartoon character toothbrush and a sticker on your chest would follow you out of the dentist office. Now, it’s all bills, bills, bills and aching jaws from fillings.
  5. No shame: Public indecency? No such thing! The sight of water has most kids stripping off and running along the sand carefree. Nowadays, it’s a struggle to crack out the shorts come summer.
  6. Eating without a care: A balanced diet is not the key concern for children. If it’s salty, sweet, or covered in tomato sauce – in the mouth it goes!


At the Hellenic Club, we like to keep the wonders of being a kid alive. With our fabulous Play World room, your little ones can roam free in our jungle-themed playroom, featuring a climbing playground, fun ball pit and PlayStation and Xbox games that are bound to keep them entertained.