Girls’ night out 101

Friday night is fast approaching. What to do? What to do?

When it finally comes you’re flat out with work deadlines and meetings, then later in the day juggling texts from your friends asking what you’re up to tonight. You battle the traffic and finally arrive home shouting ‘TGIF!’ at the top of your lungs.

What next? Grab your best gal pals and enjoy a girl’s night out, that’s what!

Here’s our step by step for the best girl’s night out EVA!

Step 1:

Choose your venue. The Hellenic Club of course!

Step 2:

Select the aforementioned gal pals.

Step 3:

Pick a time to kick off your girly soiree and share the deets with your mates.

Step 4:

Getting ready time – pick your favourite outfit, shoes and accessories for the evening. And enjoy styling your hair and make up as you please. It’s your night out!

Step 5:

Get to the The Hellenic Club using your preferred mode of transport. For your designated driver, The Hellenic Club offers free parking for members. And when you arrive, don’t forget to Check in on Facebook to let the girls know where you’re at.

Step 6:

OK seriously, that’s all just details. It’s girls’ night out, we know what you’re after and it’s cocktail time! On Friday nights enjoy one of our TGIF cocktails for just $5. Select from a list that includes Strawberry Daiquiris, Mudslides or Midori Splices to really get your girls night out started. If you and the girls are celebrating a birthday, the birthday girl herself can start her night with free glass of Moet and Chandon. There’s always a good drinks promo going. Cheers to that!

Step 7:

A girl’s gotta eat. Head to Trattoria which is ideal for a fun, casual dinner with friends. Here you can get your fix of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with yummy wood fired pizzas and a touch of old world European hospitality from Restaurant Manager, Aleka.

Step 8:

Ah you’re stuffed with food, time to dance it off! We’ve got free live music every Friday and Saturday night from 9.30pm until late. Nothing like watching a live band and dancing with your besties to shrug off the working week in a hurry.

Step 9:

Party like it’s 2014! Love the company of your girlfriends, have another cocktail, dance like nobody’s watching, laugh yourself silly, take a few selfies and collapse in a heap ready to do it all again next girl’s night out. Well…that’s more than one step but you get the idea!

It’s not rocket science really, but we hope you’ve enjoyed our light hearted girls’ night out 101. We hope to see you and your mates at the Hellenic Club soon. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook. It’s also a great way for you and your friends to keep up to date with what’s coming up at the Club

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